Thursday, June 23, 2011

I feel my hands as they slide down his firm and vascular body. As he flexes his body, I can't help but to brush my hard throbbing cock across his ass. He throws me to the ground. His strong masculine hands around my neck. His face so close to mine that I can smell that manly musk of cologne... As he teases me with his cock, rubbing it up and down mine. I take a deep breath in as he moves in for a kiss. I take my hand on his cock, he pauses. Taking control of his tongue, sucking on it like his cock. His body trembling as I squeeze out his pre-cum. Bringing up to my lips for a taste. Here is a taste of something I like to call Story Time on Klub Cummings. I have yet to come up with a "official" name for it yet. It will be me reading you a naughty story, with all the enthusiasm in all the right places. The twist is these are gonna be true fantasies that I have once had, plus these video stories will be the intro for each upcoming scene on the site. The actors in the scene will be acting out what I have described to you in the video story. Hope you guys love it! -Kirk xo

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