Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kirk in Pictures

Here is a collection of a few pictures I found, from a few scenes of mine over the years. I have chosen these pictures for one of two reasons. Either I think they are hot, or I love the way the photographer has captured the action and chemistry in the scene. Each one of these pictures has some type of my taste in it, that you will see on my site. The first picture I chose was, my scene with the studly Nash Lawler for Hot House Backroom. I chose this picture for the cum shot, I think it's perfect and hot. I absolutely love big shooters, hints the name Cummings ;). So on my site you will be seeing lots of guys, that will shoot lots and lots of cum.

Next picture is my scene with cutie pie Dempsey Stearns for Suite 703's Hot Jocks Nice Cocks. I absolutely love this pic! The energy in this picture is awesome.

Next we have my scene for Falcon's Best Men Pt.2 with hunky man Tristan Jaxx. This scene all around was fun, hot, and exciting for me so I knew I would have a hard time finding a favorite. I ended up choosing this picture because I love how you can see me sucking off Tristan, but then through the legs you can see Tristan sucking my dick. This picture is not only hot but artistic. Plus I am a sucker for calf muscles, and Tristan Jaxx's look sexy in this.

Now moving on to the next one with Kurt Wild for Suite 703's I'm a Married Man. Okay so for anybody who knows me, they know I have a big foot fetish. This picture captures so many angles of sex. You got Kurt fucking me upside down, while jacking me off and licking my! I love when guys worship every inch of my skin, it shows that they are more into you.

Okay so last picture I chose, was because this is the only picture I like of me sucking dick lol. See I usually don't like the way I look in dick sucking pics for some reason...I think it's cause my cheeks usually suck in, and that makes me look skinnier than I already am lol.
So I hope to bring some of these hot scene, and picture attributes that I've described to you in my own work for my site. Remember to check back frequently for more updates on Klub Cummings. Love Kirk Cummings


  1. Partial to your scene with Stearns. Love you to see you on your hands and knees.