Sunday, August 21, 2011

A little bit about Kirk Cummings

So I am a little bored right now, and I'm still waiting on my video to be converted so I can upload it here. So in the mean time I will answer a few of my favorite things lol. FAVORITE COLOR? Black. FAVORITE FOOD? Mexican! anytime:). TYPE OF GUY? Stocky/jocky. PERFECT DICK SIZE? 71/2 to 9inc fully pumped hard ;). FAVORITE PART OF A MAN? The definition from his calves to his ankles, to the tops of his feet are the hottest, most seductive part of a man. FAVORITE SEXUAL THING DONE TO YOU? I love when a man with scruff eats me out. It is one of the best feelings, and hottest things ever. The way they get you all wet with their strong tongue, then you have their ruff exterior giving you a little of that S and M type feel ;). SEXIEST MALE ACTOR? Hugh Jackman...Mmmmmmm. FAVORITE ACTRESS? Kate Winslet. FAVORITE PORN STAR? Julian Rios or Peter North. A HUGE FANTASY FOR YOU? Well, fucking a whole bunch of girls is one of my biggest. But they have to have that certain look. Like the perky firm tits, with the shaved pussy, long beautiful hair, killer tight stomach etc. FAVORITE POSITION? Depends, if I am in a take control mood. I like to get on top and ride that shit until I get mine. If I am in a more submissive mood then I like to just lay there, and have a guy make my body his pocket pussy that he fucks from head to toe :). Or I get in my "straight moods" where all I want to do is be dominant over women;). All in all I am a very diverse sexual creature, and I would never not try something once. -Kirk Cummings

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